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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have separated our frequenty asked questions into 5 categories. Please click below to jump to that category.

General Questions

What are your office hours?

The Office of Alumni Relations is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, except on national holidays.

How can I update my contact information?

Visit FIUalumni.com/update.

Does the Alumni Association sell season football tickets?

No, tickets are only sold by FIU Athletics. You may purchase tickets by calling the Florida International University Ticket Office at 866-FIU-GAME or visiting www.fiusports.com.

I am not receiving my FIU Magazine and E-Announcement; can you help?

If you are not receiving your FIU Magazine and/or E-announcements, you may need to update your address with us. Please call 305-348-3334 or update your addresses online at www.fiualumni.com.

I’m interested in advertising with or sponsoring the FIU Alumni Association, how do I get started?

Please contact our Director of Operations, Sara DuCuennois at 305-348-3334 or sducuenn@fiu.edu.

How can I recommend a prospective student?

Please contact Undergraduate Admissions online or by email at admiss@fiu.edu or by phone at 305-348-2363.

How can I get an FIU OneCard?

Visit FIU OneCard for instructions and more information.

How can I buy an FIU License Plate?

Simply visit our Panther Pride page and follow the onscreen instructions.

Does my FIU email address expire?

As a graduate of FIU, you’re eligible to use an FIU email address for your lifetime. You can login at panthermail.fiu.edu.

Since January 2008, this benefit has been available to all graduates. Therefore, if you graduated prior to January 2008, please fill out our request form and your FIU email address will be re-activated.

I forgot my password for my FIU email address, can you help?

If you have any questions about your account, please call the UTS Support Center at 305-348-2284.

Does the Alumni Association offer a scholarship?

Yes! Interested candidates are encouraged to visit FIUalumni.com/SAA for details.

Transcript & Diploma Questions

How can I order an official Transcript?

In-Person Request: You may request a transcript in person by filling out a Transcript Request form and paying the appropriate fee at the Cashier’s Office. Please remember to return the form to the Office of the Registrar to show proof of payment so that FIU can process your request.

By Mail or Online (web-request): http://onestop.fiu.edu/current-students/Transcripts/Index.html

Office of the Registrar Contact Information:

PC 130, Modesto Maidique Campus
Miami, FL 33199
Phone: 305-348-2320
AC1 100, Biscayne Bay Campus
North Miami, FL 33181
Phone: 305-919-5750
FIU at I-75 (previously FIU Pines)
Pembroke Pines, FL 33331
Phone: 954-438-8600

Transcripts Department within Office of the Registrar: 305-348-2839.

How much does a transcript cost?

Transcripts are $10.00 each.

Where can I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?

You may print an unofficial transcript either from the web or the kiosks on both Modesto Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus. You may also print a copy from the FIU website (see below). Unofficial transcripts are free.

Alumni who attended/graduated from FIU before 1994 may not be able to view or print an unofficial transcript via the MyFIU portal. Please contact OneStop Enrollment Services for further assistance

If you know your Panther ID and password:
1) Go to www.fiu.edu
2) Log into Panther Soft
3) Click on “Log in”
4) Click on “Student Administration System”
5) Log in with your User ID and Password
6) Click on “Academics”
7) Click on “View unofficial transcripts”
8) Select “UGRD/GRAD Record Unoff.” From the drop down table
9) Click “Go”
10) Print Transcripts

If you do not know your Panther ID:
1) Go to www.fiu.edu
2) Log into Panther Soft
3) Click on “Panther ID Look up”
4) Insert appropriate information in fields
5) Click “Ok”
6) Panther ID will appear on page. If your Panther ID does not appear, please call the Office of the Registrar at 305-348-2320.
7) Go to www.fiu.edu
8) Log into Panther Soft
9) Click on “Log in”
10) Click on “Student Administration System”
11) Log in with your User ID and Password
12) Click on “Academics”
13) Click on “View unofficial transcripts”
14) Select “UGRD/GRAD Record Unoff.” From the drop down table
15) Click “Go”
16) Print Transcripts

How long does it take to receive a transcript?

It normally takes three to five working days to process a transcript barring unforeseen circumstances. Online transcript requests are made through the student’s “https://my.fiu.edu” portal, which can be accessed by clicking on the My FIU focus button at the bottom of the University’s internet home page (www.fiu.edu).

The turnaround time for transcripts dpends on the format of the transcript being ordered. Transcripts that are mailed using USPS have no tracking numbers thus we are unable to track when they are received. If expedited delivery is needed, a pre-paid envelope will need to be provided, to coordinate please email transcripts@fiu.edu.

Via Parchment:

  • Mailed Transcripts are sent using USPS Ground Mail System.
  • eTranscripts (PDF) are processed within 24-48 working hours.
  • Pick-Up Transcripts are processed within 24-48 working hours.

Via Mailed in forms or In-Person Request

  • Mailed Transcripts are sent using USPS Ground Mail System.
  • EDI Transcripts (SPEEDE/FASTER) are processed withing three-five working days.
  • Pick-Up Transcripts are processed within three-five working days.

What is the general information for the One Stop Enrollment Services?

A) Hours

MMC and BBC Campus
Monday, Thursday and Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., except during registration periods (Registration Dates & Deadlines)

FIU at I-75
Monday-Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Friday, from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

B) Location

Modesto Maidique Campus: PC 130
Biscayne Bay Campus: AC1-100
FIU at I-75 (previously Pines Center): Enrollment Center. Pembroke Pines, 17195 Sheridan Street.

C) Telephone Numbers

Modesto Maidique General Records and Transcript Information
(305) 348-2320

Biscayne Bay Campus General and Specific Information
(305) 919-5750

FIU at I-75
(954) 438-8600

How do I obtain a copy of my diploma or certificate?

You will need to submit:

  1. A notarized letter explaining what happened to the diploma or certificate (ex: lost). The letter needs to include your current name, name on diploma (if different), signature, student number, degree, major, term and year of diploma.
  2. A $10.00 check payable to FIU.

All documents should be mailed to:

Florida International University
Office of the Registrar, Attn: Graduation
Modesto Maidique Campus, PC 130
Miami, FL 33199

The diploma may say “copy” on the bottom, if the signatures on your original diploma were different from the signatures that are currently used. It can take up to five months to obtain. For more information, please call the Graduation Office at 305-348-2341.

How do I change the name on my diploma or certificate?

Contact the Graduation Office at 305-348-2341 to obtain requirements and fees.

Involvement Questions

How can I find a friend that I went to school with?

The Alumni Association will conduct a search request for alumni only. All the information in our database is confidential thus we are not allowed to give out any information. However, we will contact the person you are looking for provided we have current information and we will give that person your information so that he/she can contact you directly. For more information, please call 800-FIU-ALUM or 305-348-3334.

Where can I see a full listing of events?

Visit FIUalumni.com/events

I just moved, how can I connect with alumni in my area?

We encourage you to visit FIUalumni.com/chapters and find a chapter near you! Don’t see one? You can create a chapter in your area; simply complete our chapter request form.

How can I get engaged with FIU?

Visit FIUalumni.com/engage

Campus Questions

Do I get access to the library?

Yes. Visit the Alumni Library Services & Access page to learn more about what you may or may not be able to access in our library.

Where can I park if I need to visit campus?

Guests of the University must park in designated Visitor Parking areas. For details, visit the FIU Parking & Transportation website.

How can I get a campus tour?

Please fill out our Student Ambassador Request Form to set up your campus tour.  All requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the tour.

Membership Transition

Why are these changes being made?

FIU’s move is part of a national trend. Over the last 10 years, the following public research universities have moved from a membership model to a donor centric, giving model: University of Connecticut, Ohio State University, University of Illinois, University of Colorado, Rutgers University, University of Central Florida, University of Georgia, San Diego State University, Cleveland State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and University at Buffalo.

Our former membership dues model did not provide the amount of financial support necessary to maintain this model. Additionally, eliminating the dues based model will not negatively affect revenue since other revenue streams (institutional/advancement budget, affinity programs, merchandising, advertising, and fundraising) will account for any income reduction that may occur and still support our alumni programs.

The FIU Alumni Association is making strategic changes to evolve our alumni programming and become more aligned with the priorities of the university. We are confident that this move will help us build and strengthen affinity amongst alumni and will bring about a broader base of engaged alumni, allowing FIU graduates to connect with the university in new and numerous ways.

When will the changes take effect?

These changes have already taken effect.

Is there a fee or cost to join the Alumni Association?

We are no longer operating under a membership fees structure. All of our 215,000 alumni are now privy to all the perks and services we offer as an Alumni Association.

I am an FIU Alumni Association annual or lifetime member. What do I need to know?

Your FIU Alumni Association annual or lifetime membership will now be counted as a charitable gift, which is tax deductible, and you will be considered a donor to the university and not a member. As a donor, you will be privy to all the perks and services we offer as an Alumni Association. You will also become a part of FIU Forever Panthers once you have reached the $600 total donation threshold.

How do I become an FIU Forever Panthers donor?

You can make a $600 donation to the FIU Alumni Association to become part of FIU Forever Panthers. To make your gift, please visit https://give.fiu.edu/give-now/alumni-association/ or call 305-348-3334 or 1-800-FIU-ALUM.

How can I make a gift to the FIU Alumni Association?

To make a gift, please visit https://give.fiu.edu/give-now/alumni-association/ or call 305-348-3334 or 1-800-FIU-ALUM.

If I’m not an FIU alumnus, is it still possible to become an FIU Forever Panthers donor?

Yes, please call 305-348-3334 or 1-800-FIU-ALUM, or email alumni@fiu.edu for more information.

Who should I contact with questions about these changes?

Please call 305-348-3334 or 1-800-FIU-ALUM, or email alumni@fiu.edu for more information.