Barbara Pestana-Cartaya

2022 Community Leadership Award

College: College of Business

Degree: BA '02

Barbara Pestana-Cartaya heads US Sales and Marketing at Neostrata, a Johnson & Johnson skincare brand. Barbara has spent the majority of her career in the beauty industry growing cosmetic brands in both the retail and professional markets.

As a single mother and first-generation college student working full time, Barbara graduated with a BA in Business Administration in 2002, and she thanks FIU for her professional success.

She has a passion to help students achieve their potential and has been a student mentor and an active member of the Business Alumni board since 2014. Barbara volunteers her time speaking at FIU conferences, judging sales competitions & coordinated a large art donation to the school of business.

Most recently, Barbara, along with her husband, established the Charles & Barbara Cartaya first-generation scholarship fund targeting undergraduate students.

“My goal is to help students finish their degree, pursue a career, and improve their lives.”