As the university's most prestigious event, the Torch Awards Gala serves as a beacon, lighting the way for young alumni and setting an inspiring example to work toward. The alumni and faculty selected as award recipients represent FIU's finest - they are our torchbearers. The nomination forms supplied by the FIU Alumni Association must be fully completed, and if multiple nominations are received for the same individual, the most complete one will be selected for review.

Award Categories

  • Charles E. Perry Young Alumni Visionary Award

    Presented to an alumnus/a who has made great strides in the early stages of their career.

  • Community Leadership Award

    Presented to an alumnus/a for exemplary service and civic involvement in their community in a leadership role.

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

    Presented to an alumnus/a who has made great strides in social entrepreneurship endeavors.

  • Outstanding Faculty Award

    Presented to an FIU faculty member who has made a lasting impression on the lives of FIU students and alumni.

Nominating Criteria

  • Nominees must be available to attend the Torch Awards Gala. Awards will not be conferred in absentia.
  • Nominees must be living at the time the nomination is submitted.
  • Nominees must have graduated from FIU.
  • Nominees must exhibit FIU’s core values and demonstrate an affinity to their Alma Mater.
  • Nominees must have made a significant contribution of their time, talent or treasure to FIU to help move the needle in the community.
  • Nominees must have an outstanding and notable record of distinction, success, accomplishments, leadership and service in their profession or community.\
  • Nominees cannot be a current member of the FIU Alumni Association Board of Directors or an FIU faculty/staff member (with the exception of nominees for the Outstanding Faculty Award).
  • Nominees must not be a previous Torch Award recipient.
  • Nominees must not be involved in any current legal investigation or proceeding.
  • Nominees must not be actively running for public office.

Conferring of Award

  • The FIU Alumni Association Torch Awards Committee will review the nominations and select the award recipient.
  • A representative from the FIU Alumni Association will notify the nominator if their nominee has or has not been selected.
  • The awards will be presented at the Torch Awards Gala by the President of Florida International University, the Executive Director of the FIU Alumni Association and/or the President of the FIU Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  • The nominator, family and friends of the recipients are encouraged to attend the gala in support of the recipient.
  • Recipients must be present to accept the award. Awards will not be conferred in absentia.