Eddy Augsten

2022 Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

College: College of Business

Degree: '03

Eddy has been committed to community, clients, and capital markets for nearly twenty years. Starting his career as an investment consultant working directly with financial advisors at the largest wealth management firms, Eddy learned what the most sophisticated wealth managers were doing. He also learned the challenges faced by the industry and the inherit conflicts of interests. In 2015 he left corporate America, stopped working with advisors, and started working with investors directly, bringing a commitment to doing what's right, focusing on building deep relationships, and delivering true transparency and value across fees - a problem for most large wealth advisors. Over the last year Eddy has formed a partnership with one the largest advisor groups in the nation and is expanding his model to enhance other practices, he is expanding into multiple markets and has built a team to work with different wealth segments creating a modern fiduciary team.