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Alumni Board of Directors


The purpose of the FIU Alumni Association is to drive the entire alumni network to play a meaningful role in shaping innovative, creative, and healthy communities that propel societies to prosper. The FIU Alumni Association is optimistic about the future of FIU, Miami and the world. We believe that the power of an FIU education is the key to achieving our vision. The strategic areas of focus are: Fundraising, Advocacy (Legislative), Networking, and Student success, also referred to as making F.A.N.S. of FIU.

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Forever Panthers of the FIU Alumni Association are encouraged to apply for a seat on the Alumni Board of Directors. We invite interested candidates to apply today: Board Application.

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Board Member Requirements | Board Bylaws | Board of Directors Committee Interest Form

Board of Directors’ Committees

Make a difference; get involved. Our Board of Directors Committees provide you with a way to give back to FIU while networking with your fellow Panthers and industry leaders.

To learn more about these exciting opportunities, please complete this form.

Executive Board

Eddie Hondal ’88, MS ’00
College of Engineering & Computing, College of Business
Healthcare Senior Professional
Maria D. Garcia, Esq. ‘05, JD ’08
School of International & Public Affairs, College of Law
Vice President
Enrique Piñeiro ’03
College of Business
Director, Property Management & Leasing
Benjamin Sardiñas ’01
College of Engineering & Computing
Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair
Managing Director
Michael A. Hernandez ’04, MPA ’11 
School of International & Public Affairs
Parliamentarian/Governmental Relations Committee Co-Chair
Director of Communications
Frank J. Peña ’99
School of International & Public Affairs
Immediate Past President
Manager of Franchise Development


Juan Carlos Alexander ’04
School of International & Public Affairs
Athletics Committee Chair
Jason Auricchio ’07
College of Business
Managing Associate
Financial Advisor
Dwayne Bryant ’93
College of Business
President and Founder
Nestor Caballero, CPA MST CGAP ’95 ’97
College of Business
Managing Partner
Corey Cohen ’85
College of Business
Principal Insurance Agent
Elizabeth Cross ’89
College of Business
Technology Committee Chair
Marketing Director, Florida
Gina Duarte-Romero MS ’08
College of Arts, Sciences & Education
Sharon Fine ’99, MSF ’11
School of International & Public Affairs
Vice President
Personal Financial Services
Anastasia Garcia, Esq. ’89
College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts
Sole Practitioner
Casandra Henriquez ’04, MPH ’06
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Founder and CEO / Sr. Development Officer
Jorge F. Hernandez ’95
College of Business
Senior Vice President
Senior Corporate Banking Officer
Miguel Larrea ’96
College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts
Senior Account Executive
Michael P. Maher ’97
School of International & Public Affairs
Director, Client Services
Ana L. Martinez, CPA M.Acc. ’92
College of Business
Marcel Monnar ’03, Ed.S. ’12
College of Arts, Sciences & Education
Founder & President
Alberto Padrón ’98, MBA ’09
School of International & Public Affairs, College of Business
Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Dr. Alex Pereda ’97
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Chanel T. Rowe, J.D. ‘14
College of Law
Complex Commercial Litigation Associate
Alexander L. Soto ‘03
College of Business
Senior Vice President of Business Development
Erick Valderrama ’95
College of Engineering & Computing
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Pre-Construction Manager

Past Presidents

Gregory H. Perry ’73, 1977-1978
Robert B. Larkey ’74, 1978-1979
Marilyn S. Trager ’74, 1979-1980
Barbara Cilik ’76,’79, 1980-1981
E.J. Kaplan ’74, 1981-1982
Barbara Cilik ’76,’79, 1982-1984
Michael H. Braid ’73, 1984-1985
William A. Thayer ’79, 1984-1985
Judith G. Anderson ’79, 1985-1986
Steven E. Liebowitz ’77, 1986-1988
Paul L. Jones ’78, 1988-1991
Seth Gordon ’79, 1991-1994
Leonard R. Simpson ’79, 1994-1995
Gerald C. Grant ’78, 1995-1996
Chuck M. Martinez ’87, 1996-1997
Rafael Cabrera ’82, 1997-1998
Laura Jack ’78, 1998-1999
Henry F. Sori ’88, 1999-2000
Paul B. Winklejohn ’90, 2000-2001
Rafael A. Espinosa ’89, 2001-2003
Gayle A. Bainbridge ’75, 2003-2004
Ty Javellana ’88,’98, 2004-2006
William Trueba ’90, 2006-2008
Jose Perez de Corcho, 2008-2010
Joaquin “Jack” Gonzalez ’97, 2010-2012
Gonzalo Acevedo ’91,’10, 2012-2014
Past Board Members

Sergio Abreu, Jr. ’94, MBA ’98
Gabriel Albelo ’93
Gus Alfonso ’02, MSF ’08
Alejandro R. Alvarez, Esq. ’05
Judith G. Anderson ’79
Stewart L. Appelrouth, MBA ’80
Gayle A. Bainbridge ’75
Jeremy S. Baker ’00
Nicolas Bardoni, MBA ’12
James K. Beard ’88
Manuel J. Becerra, CPA ’87
Irma B. Becerra-Fernandez, PhD ’94
Claude C. Beebe, Jr. ’79
Jorge Bofill ’78
Michael H. Braid ’73
Paul Breslin ’83
Rafael Cabrera, Jr. ’82
Ricardo C. Cabrera, Esq. ’94
Armando Camejo ’89
Carlos B. Castillo, Esq. ’88
Slenda C. M. Chan ’94
Lilian T. Chiu ’00
Barbara A. H. Cilik ’76, ’79
Michael J. Corbera, Esq. ’91
Tony E. Crapp, Jr. ’95
Anna Cuba de la Fe ’98
Diane P. Davis ’92
Sergio de la Fe, Jr. ’90
Raymond del Rey ’97
Angela L. Diaz ’90, MBA ’04
Benjamin Diaz, III ’95, MS ’96
Isabel C. Diaz, Esq. ’01
Jose M. Diaz ’86
Jorge Diaz-Silveira ’91
Cynthia J. Dienstag, Esq. ’83
Rafael A. Espinosa, CPA ’89
Daniel Estevez
Stephen M. Fain, Ed.D. and Judith M. Fain
Ariana A. Fajardo, Esq. ’79
Julie A. Feinberg ’92
Michael R. Fenton ’07
Juan A. Fina ’87
Virginia Flores-Godoy ’79
Marlon Font, EI ’04
Brendan G. Foulkes ’78
Jeannette M. Garcia-Amodeo ’77
Oscar Gomez ’00
Jack F. Gonzalez ’97
Seth Gordon ’74
Gerald C. Grant, Jr. ’78, MBA ’89
Kathleen C. Hale ’76
Jason S. Hamilton ’89
Abhishek Hawaldar ’05
Carlos H. Hernandez ’97
Francis A. Hondal ’87, MBA ’94
Virginia M. Hoover ’73
Miguel A. Horvath, Jr. ’00
Maria Elena Ibanez ’78
Stefan A. Ingannamorte ’86
Laura C. Jack ’78
Samuel C. Jackson, MPA ’90
Tyrone N. Javellana ’88
Beverly A. Johansson ’83
Orville F. Johnson ’04 ’06
Paul L. Jones, CPA ’78
Andrew J. Juska ’78
Jeffrey B. Kahn, Esq. ’83
Laurie L. Kaplan ’92
Ira M. Katz ’85 ’91
Charlene S. Keilson ’88
June Kemp ’76
Barbara Lagoa, Esq. ’89
Robert B. Larkey ’74
Rogell X. Levers ’05
Steven E. Liebowitz, Ed.D. ’77 ’91
Mayra A. Lima ’93
Jay A. Litt ’73
David A. Lopez ’07
Victoriano Lopez, Ed.D. ’84
Edward P. Lyden ’89
Jaime N. Machado ’01 MBA ’10
Mrs. Kanchana P. Marapana
Gabriela Martin-Brown ’96
Carlos M. Martinez ’87
Patrick J. Mason ’74
Lourdes M. Matamoros ’87
Franklin G. McCune ’05, MS ’08
Enrique A. Miguez, Esq. ’85
Barbara K. Montes ’81
Richard A. Moore, Esq. ’74
Francisco Navia ’89
Jose M. Paneda ’86
Martha M. Pantin ’77, MPA ’81
Pedro Pavón, Esq. ’04
Ima C. Pazos ’75
Eliot Pedrosa, Esq. ’95
Adriana Pereira ’05
Jose M. Perez de Corcho ’93
Gregory Perry ’73
Justo L. Pozo, CPA ’80
Armando A. Pulles ’89
Roberto J. Pulles, CFP ’87
Emilia A. Quesada, Esq. ’92
Maria M. Quinonez ’89
Gilbert Ramirez
Helena R. Ramirez ’11
Francisco Ramos, Jr., Esq. ’93
Larissa Ramos ’99
Edward J. Redlich ’01
Jose R. Riguera, Esq. ’86
Thomas L. Robison, Jr. ’94
Alicia M. Robles de la Lama, Esq. ’98
Jose L. Roces ’03
Ellen and Howard B. Rock, Ph.D.
Adrian Rodriguez
Manuel J. Rojas, Jr. ’90
Ralph Rosado ’96, MA ’03
Maria del Carmen Salvade ’94
Manuel Sanchez, CPA ’83, MS ’02
Celina A. Saucedo ‘99, MPA ’11
Betty Shelton A.J. J. Side ’73
Leonard R. Simpson ’79
Henry F. Sori ’88, MPA ’90
Giovanna M. Stincer ’83
James Suarez, Esq. ’96
Caprice A. Tassinari ’91
Sergio Arturo Tigera ’01 MBA ’15
Dexter W. Tom ’89
Marilyn S. Trager ’74
William R. Trueba, Jr. ’90
Anthony Turner ’75
Mary M. Tuttle ’88
Raul A. Vidal ’74
Susan E. Webster, Ph.D. ’87
Paul B. Winkeljohn ’90