Host a Reunion

Reconnect with the Panthers that made your FIU experience unforgettable! Use this step-by-step guide to gather alumni from a particular group or organization.

Step 1 – Select an Event Date

Set your event date 6-12 months in advance. It is always best to check your date on other community calendars to ensure there are no conflicts. Once the date is set, contact the FIU Alumni Association to place the date on the master FIU calendar at

Many are successful reunions are planned around a football game in either September or October. Homecoming is often the most chaotic time to plan a reunion, but it produces the greatest attendance. Remember to coordinate your activities around traditional Homecoming events. For a list of Homecoming activities, visit

Step 2 – Event Logistics

Who is invited?

The Alumni Association can request an invitation list for your invitation group. Be specific as to whom you wish to invite. All alumni requesting assistance must fill out a confidentiality agreement prior to the list being provided.

What is the purpose of the event?

What are you celebrating? It can simply be a reunion because the group hasn’t gotten together in years, or it can be the celebration of a certain milestone or special event. Ex: 25th anniversary of the Marching Band, 10th anniversary of Alpha Xi Delta, etc.

Where will your event be held? 

After selecting your event date, make your location reservation. If you are looking to host the event on campus, please refer to the following contacts to make your reservation:

Facility Contacts:

What time of day will your event be held?

Events often feature meals. If you are charging for your event, remember that dinner is more expensive than lunch or brunch.

What is your program? 

Some events need nothing more than “networking time.” However, if you are planning entertainment – such as a DJ, band, guest speaker, continuing education component, etc. – plan and budget that portion of your program prior to setting a registration fee and mailing invitations.

Step 3 – Pre-Invitation

Utilize social media! It’s free, easy and a great way to spread the word about your event. Via your organzation's Facebook or Twitter page, send a “save the date” message immediately after the event is scheduled, at least 4-6 months prior to the event. 

Step 4 – Invite/Market Your Event

The FIU Alumni Association will assist you in inviting guests to your event. The group must be an official FIU organization, the audience must be found in FIU’s alumni database, and the requesting group must be able to pay for printing and a 5% credit card processing/service fee.

Printed Invitations

The Alumni Association can produce simple invitations if a printed invitation is requested and the information is provided at least one month prior to the mail date. Along with the exact text requested for the invitation, the following information is needed to create a job ticket:

  • Organization
  • Coordinating Person
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Event Name
  • Billing Account #

Online Registration/Payment

Your organization may use the Alumni Association website to collect registration and event payment. A 5% processing fee will be subtracted from the total proceeds. The FIU Foundation, Inc. will process a check to your organization within two weeks of closing the event.

Click here to request marketing support. 

Step 5 – Other Logistics

Table Decorations

If you would like to use FIU Alumni Association table tents, you can contact the FIU Alumni Association at or 305-348-3334. Table tents must be returned following the event.


If you need assistance making nametags for your group, contact the FIU Alumni Association at or 305-348-3334. Nametag requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date.