Do you mind if we get a little personal with you? How are you doing in your job search? 

We’re asking because we recently met Desiree Booker. She was unexpectedly let go from her job in 2016, and then she did the unimaginable and landed her dream career (PLUS two competing offers) with a $9,000 salary bump within 30 days of departing from her previous employer!

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Now, the kicker for us was when she told BPN the system she used to achieve this. The thing is: She didn’t land her dream job with a $9K salary increase by applying to 100s of roles each week—she made that from applying to just TWO roles, and now she passively receives 2-3 job leads per month from top employers without ever submitting an online application. 

Desiree offered to share her system in a #GETHiredMasterclass where she’s covering "4 Steps to Fast Track Your Job Search and #GETHIRED in 30 days or less." She’ll break down exactly how she landed her dream position at a leading media company earning $9K more per year.

And for everyone who joins the live Masterclass, she’s giving you a free link to her #GETPAID Salary Negotiation Masterclass as a free gift. Trust us, you’re going to want this Masterclass. 

A clinical researcher followed it and landed a 30% salary increase within just 2 WEEKS. Check out the screenshot below. 

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