The Young Alumni Panther Network is excited to announce the launch of #MindfulMornings on Instagram LIVE featuring FIU alumna Shalini Sarena Bahad '10! 
Shalini is an international mindset coach, holistic healer, and founder of WomenInTech Channel, which won "Best Snap Account of the Year" at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards. She is also a certified yoga instructor and meditation practitioner, eager to showcase best meditation practices to help our Panthers start the week.

During #MindfulMornings, which will begin on Monday, June 22, and will continue every other Monday, Shalini will guide us through a soothing 15-minute meditation, which helps with concentration, stress, and brain functionality. We hope you'll tune in as we sit back, relax, and kick-off Mondays strong!

Follow the Young Alumni Panther Network at @fiuyoungalumni and watch their Instagram LIVE!